Your student accommodation is one of the more important things you need to organise when you plan to study abroad. It is vital to take your time in weighing your options because good student apartments can contribute greatly to a healthy and fun experience throughout your stay, and you don’t want to waste that. So, if you’ve been given the chance to study in Brisbane, particularly at James Cook University, then finding James Cook accommodation should be a priority.
Here’s are a few reasons why.

Gaining Friends In and Out of Campus

Being the new student can be stressful. You will be alone for several days (even weeks) before you can find the right set of friends who are likely to be the only ones until graduation day. But living in student apartments can change all that. First off, you will have a roommate whom you can talk to every single day for the rest of your stay. Of course, there are students who live in the apartment’s other student rooms, so that’s instant BFFs for you in and out of the campus—if you end up liking each other.

Fantastic Location

When it comes to location, you never have to worry at all. A nearby James Cook accommodation will make transportation easier. Living near the campus means no more long and tiring commutes during the day just to attend to your classes. More importantly, you never have to worry about your transportation at night. That’s safety and security right there. You’ll be more at peace here than living miles away from the university.

Lifestyle Preference

If you are the kind of person who is looking to mingle with people who share the same traits as you, a student residence can give you that. Remember, you will be living with 4-5 other people in one roof, so you are more likely to find someone who possesses the same qualities or hobbies as you. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to plan your weekend trips or holidays should you choose to. And what’s to worry? If you stay in a nearby James Cook accommodation, you are a short walk away from any forms of transportation. No more waiting ever.

Security and Safety

Living alone in a foreign land makes you vulnerable to any forms of threat, stripping you off your peace of mind. For this reason, it’s imperative that you choose a place to live that is safe and secure 24/7. Find an apartment that makes you feel looked after and safe by opting for those with staff who are around day and night. Pick one that has an ample parking space, whether for your car or bike. Make sure that there are CCTVs and other theft deterrents, so you’ll never have to feel unsafe anymore. The extra charges are totally worth it.

Aren’t you convinced yet?

Indeed, living in student apartments can make university life easier for so many reasons especially for foreign students. That’s why student accommodation providers are doing their best to meet the standards of students. They want to make sure that their accommodation will cater to the needs of students. So, plan your options now! Find a residence just like Student One to ensure a fun and healthy university life.

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